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Passive House W.

Solid wood frame passive construction in Dinant (Dorinne)
Single-family dwelling, automatic system for energy controlling
Year : 2011 - 2013

Area : 370
Need of heat : 13 kWh(m2a) Infiltration test : 0,3 h-1
The South oriented plan is designed to avoid the shade of neighbor's constructions. The uses of space follows the natural rhythm of sun progression. The bedrooms are illuminated with the morning light and the living room receive the light of the setting sun.
The wood massive construction carry a skin of gray bricks to increase its massiveness and recall regional landscape designed by numerous caves.
Contrast between contents and envelope is accentuated by choosing to let the wood visible for the internal spaces. Triple glazing window frames are made of wood coated with aluminum sheet, in the same logic of two-sided jacket.
Roof modeling is designed to maximize the solar panel efficiency and to limit the envelope area.