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The corbacreative's approach try to translate an elaborated answer based to a sensitive discourse, resulting from context, lifestyles and specific benchmarks from users. It is based on a research without any postulate where no effect is left to chance. Like in a laboratory, the elements are weighed, dosed ans used with pragmatism.

The discovery of specific characteristics and the exploitation of intrinsic qualities of each material serves to create a sensitive and personalized vocabulary. Matter, envelope, context and environment are the topics frequently discussed. Successively used for its capacity to reflect, its translucency, its massiveness, its transparency or its lightness, the material, translates the discourse resulting from the analysis of the project. The key is to create a sensitive dialogue between intervention and place.

Each project is approached in a different way, a distinct methodology is elaborated. For more specific projects, the agency joins with other partner structures. These multiple collaborations nourish and grow the office by a constant exchange of ideas in order to develop new fields of experiences. The ability to bring together human and material resources makes it possible to respond to more specific missions, giving the possibility to achieve the work of the agency in highly contrasted projects.



Corba Philippo

corbacreative was born in 2008, after several years of gestation, with the desire to question, reinvent and redefine existing models.
The main activity of the office is oriented on constructions with high environmental value.

Given the large number of applications the office receives, it is sometimes difficult to answer all. Nevertheless all requests are integrated in recruitment reserve. You will be contacted if an opportunity matches to your profile.
Applications can be sent in french, english, italian and spanish.

corbacreative srl

resgistration number O.A. : 2700035

BCE number : BE 0896.509.335

architect manager : CORBA Philippo